Commercial New Build

Commercial New Build Ground Up Construction

"Let Our Company Make Your Company Look Good!"

Our experience is our strength and it provides the ability to assist our clients as well as help the design and developer partners to accomplish their desired outcome for their new commercial build.

We are commercial building experts, and have the knowledge and experience to back it up. The extensive resources and planning that go into completing new commercial construction such as, office building, retail projects, restaurants, strip malls, warehouse and even sports complexes is what we do. 

Design and Build Contractors

The vetting of all aspects of commercial new builds such as, vetting utility and municipal requirement begins long before we start the actually construction process. Metro Builderss commercial building team becomes involved early in the scheme of things, and usually just about at idea and conception of the new project. We will partner with the end users, architects, developers and other stake holders in order to layout the plans that will benefit the team and all involved to accomplish an efficient and cost effective build out.

We care about the cost of a project and it is our job to complete your new build on time and at, or below budget. We spend significant time and energy to make sure all details of the design and blue prints for the new commercial build are accounted for, down to the last nut and bolt. 

Phoenix Camelback Office Renovation

Metro Builders Contracting and Remodeling has years of experience in commercial construction and experience with the following facilities.

  • Restaurants
  • Banking Facility
  • Government Offices
  • Strip Mall Ground Up Builds
  • Fitness Center
  • Sports Complexes
  • Warehouse Construction
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